Ready to Wear Day

The Ready to Wear shopping day is a more accessible service that enables our clients to benefit from the expertise of a personal shopper and bring a knowledgeable advice on your clothing style, based on your budget. Various options are offered in order to best address the desires of our men and women clients.

Journée prêt a porter

Option personalized shopping

This Ready to Wear shopping day will enable you to sharpen your wardrobe with a four hour shopping session enhanced by all fashion diagnostics.

10AM - 2PM

Meeting at shopping location, diagnostic colors and figure, study of purchasing plans, trying on a selection of looks, study of the season’s fashion trends and synergizing of all results to offer relevant shopping outcome to math our clients’ budget and desires.

Price: 200 euros

Option dressing

During this session a fashion expert will assist you in sorting out your closet in order to bring out up-to-date trends and most flattering items to help you make the best of your wardrobe options.

Price: 90 euros for a 2 hour session

Option distance shopping

This option enables our clients to benefit from the services of a personal shopper on the basis of an hourly rate in order to – for example – find the best gift idea, discover the perfect outfit for a special event or simply get an advice regarding a desired fashion purchase. This enables you to save time for a more efficient, worry-free shopping, with the guarantee of finding relevant items. It is optional for the client to accompany the personal shopper.

Price: 60 euros per hour

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