What shopping trip is for you ?

rouge à lèvre
Haute couture

Haute Couture Day

High-end shopping day: the client receives the benefits of a high quality, exclusive service. A personal chauffeur will drive you to the various locations; you will have access to the private showrooms of elite designers, and you will be pampered in the exclusive environment...

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Creator Day

Shopping day based on Fashion and Vogue. The goal here is to discover new designers and icons of tomorrow. Moving to unusual places, show room, shops with extroverted rooms. Hunting out unique items within the borough of Paris, full of secret stores unknown to the general public...

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Ready to Wear Day

The Ready to Wear shopping day is a more accessible service that enables our clients to benefit from the expertise of a personal shopper and bring a knowledgeable advice on your clothing style, based on your budget. Various options are offered in order to best...

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